Terms of Use

September 20, 2011

  1. Definition: by “Customer” we mean anyone who registered, used our tools and/or bought credits, and by doing so agreed these Terms of Use.
  2. Our exeSecure Wrapper is free to use and to spread, but it is forbidden to charge any money for it.
  3. The e-mail addresses of the end-users that we store may not be used for any different purposes other than activation-adminstration.
  4. Currently our service is free, in the future we might change this and ask a compensation for the service we offer.
  5. exeSecure can take measures against abusive and/or excessive usage. Free users are limited to give out 2 activations per day.
  6. The Customer is only allowed to secure applications for which he or she has the author rights. This means that one can only secure an application created by him- or herself.
  7. exeSecure can not guarantee 100% activation server uptime. exeSecure will do its best to keep it online. exeSecure is allowed to close the servers down in case of bankruptcy.
  8. It is not allowed to decompile or tamper with (parts of) our system.
  9. Upon violation of these Terms and Use, exeSecure holds the right to disable user accounts or take other measures necessary to stop the activities.
  10. exeSecure is not responsible for the content that is secured and any damaged caused by secured applications towards Customer's clients.
  11. exeSecure cannot guarantee that their system is infallible, in the sense that whether it is impossible to weaken its protective properties.
  12. The exeSecure system has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, with full Windows Updates and/or the .NET FrameWork 4.0 & Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable. However, it cannot be guaranteed that ANY software can be secured using exeSecure’s system and then run in ANY environment.
  13. Accepting these Terms of Use transfers our responsibilities regarding the quality of operation from the end-user point of view, to Customer. This means that exeSecure cannot be taken responsible for disfunctionality, damage, or any other negative effects on end-user systems, after this program is distributed on the market. Even when the faults lie with exeSecure itself, because no program can be bug-free. When Customer decides to distribute software with our security system, he or she is responsible for the application as a whole. exeSecure is not responsible for any short comings and disfunctionalities that might appear later on.
  14. Issues between Customer and his/her clients are outside exeSecure’s responsibility.