Secure your .EXE & Authorize someone - in 6 steps

1. Get a secure code

After successfully registering a free account, in your control panel, create and configure an App. This is what our server will use during activation processes. To connect this server-controlled App object to your application, we will provide a secure code.

2. Secure your .EXE-file

Download the exeSecure Tool. This builds an activation window into your .EXE file. The only things you need to enter are the input and output executable, the desired (customizable) language and the secure code you obtained in the previous step.

3. Your application is locked

Run the output executable, and you will see this window: the Product Activation Dialog!

The end-user has to follow our e-mail-address-based online activation procedure in order to continue. On the example image, does not have permission to activate our product yet, so the user is asked whether or not to browse to an info website.

3. Authorize a person

Our licensing system is based on e-mail addresses. After a user enters a valid e-mail address, we send a mail there, containing a confirmation link which - if clicked - would prove that the user indeed controls the address and wants to activate now.

All YOU need to do, is grant some activations to the right e-mail addresses. The image shows how we're about to add an allowance of 2 activations to

Besides doing this manually, there's an API for PHP, C#, VB and Java that can be integrated to do this automatically.

4. E-mail sent for verification

After we granted two activations, we try running again and this time it is detected that the owner of this e-mail address has permission to activate twice more. Moments after clicking Verify, receives the a confirmation link.

This link keeps the wrong people from using's precious activations. No activations are used when the link is never clicked.

When it IS clicked, one activation is deduced, and the software will to proceed.

5. Staying activated

The Product Activation dialog is only shown until the application is activated. After successful online activation, a machine-unique offline key will be generated and saved, in order to offer people the least possible. amount of trouble.

It is also remembered on our server. Next time the user activates the same product on the same computer, it is for free. In short: X activations means being able to run on X computers, indefinitely. It doesn't matter if activated on X computers simultaneously or all after one another.

6. More ways to Rome

Besides online activation, end-users are also presented with a big trial button. You disable or specify the number of days server-side, i.e., in your control panel. New users choose when to start their trial periods whenever they want by clicking that button. One period is allowed on a particular computer, ever. Whether the trial period has yet expired or not, is checked with our server, every time the program launches.

Earlier, we mentioned a machine-unique offline key. After successful activation, we show it to the end-user so he or she can write it down. Later on, even after a windows re-installation, this code can be entered into the lower text boxes and the program will continue.

For more technical information: Further reading